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Since 1923, we at Tsurumi have been committed to combining durable, quality products with superior engineering. We are proud of our reputation, and understand the responsibility we have to continue this tradition. Our pumps' seals and cables are uniquely designed to provide the best protection from water intrusion therefore increasing the longevity of the pumps. By engineering our electric pumps with lower internal velocities, urethane impellers, and specially designed volutes, we have dramatically increased the pumps' operational life.

NEW! Submersible and Engine-driven pumps from Tsurumi

LB1500 Dewatering Pump Features

  • Fits in an 8 inch pipe!
  • Circle Thermal Motor Protector
  • Anti-Wicking Block
  • Oil Lifter
  • Dual Inside Mechanical seal
  • High Chrome Iron Semi-Open Impeller
  • Synthetic Rubber Pump Casing
  • V-Ring System

TE2-RDB Diesel Centrifugal Series Features

  • Heavy-duty Robin Hatz Diesel Engine
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seals
  • Cast iron impeller
  • Cast iron volute casing
  • 2" and 3" models can ship UPS
  • Durable rolled-steel frame

EPT2-RDB Diesel Trash Pump Series Features

  • Extremely Silent
  • Low emission level
  • High capacity Air Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Chain Drive
  • OHC System
  • Easy and reliable s tarting
  • High Chrome Impeller
  • Cast Iron volute casing plus
  • Stainless Steel wear plate
  • Pump/engine set mounted to cage frame on Rubber Vibration Cushions
  • Durable Rolled-Steel frame
  • Galvanized Steel hose couplings

Tsurumi Pumps

Single Phase Dewatering Pumps
Compact, Durable. For Construction, General Dewatering, Highway, Residential, Landscaping.

Engine Powered Pumps
Maximum Durability, Easy Handling. For sand, mud, sludge, commercial pumping & dewatering.


Three Phase Dewatering Pumps
Solid, Strong, Durable. For, mine, aggregate & construction dewatering.

Stainless Steel Dewatering Pumps
Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant. For rust-free, corrosive liquid pumping.

Sewage and Wastewater Pumps
Enduring the toughest situations. For municipal waste, large scale dewatering, seawater, scum collecting, decanting, aeration.

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