Providing Pumping Solutions since 1996


Providing the Right Pump for Your Application

When knowledge and experience meld with desire you have a winner.  One of the major strengths of William "Bill" Frohlich, our founder and President, is the ability to analyze a situation, evaluate the relative information and apply the optimum solution.  MasterFlo's team thrives on challenges.  Since our beginning in 1996, MasterFlo Pump, Inc. has made great inroads in providing quality products and service to the Greater Tri-State area.  MasterFlo's hands-on approach, experience and dedication to customers has earned MasterFlo Pump the reputation of providing "the right pump for the specific application".

Stocking Distributor

Solid partnerships with recognized quality manufacturers has enhanced our reputation.  By selecting manufacturers with innovative design solutions you're assured quality, reliability and the latest technology that you and we require.  The majority of the manufacturers we represent are ISO 9000 Certified.

Factory trained sales and service technicians provide the knowledge and hands-on experience required to meet today and tomorrow's needs.  Our philosophy is to add value to your business by offering quality products, experienced well trained personnel driven to solve problems, large inventories and prompt, professional customer service.

At MasterFlo Pump, we'll advise you which pump will be most effective, why it will be most effective and the benefits of using it.  Don't you deserve this service?  It's assured from MasterFlo.


MasterFlo Pump is a leading supplier to companies in the following industries:

  • pulp & paper
  • ceramics
  • petrochemical
  • oil & gas
  • metal finishing
  • industrial & municipal wastewater
  • industrial maintenance
  • agricultural
  • chemical
  • paints & coatings
  • food processing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • construction
  • mining
  • utilities