DP Pumps


DP-Pumps is the export division of the company Duijvelaar Pompen, Dutch market leader and manufacturer of vertical pumps, booster sets and tailor made turnkey projects in the field of water management. We export our products to over 70 countries world wide via distributors. We are specialized in the production of stainless steel pumps, but in the course of time we more and more have developed into a many-sided partner in the field of water management projects: from design and engineering to production and installation, we do it all... DP-Pumps is ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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Heavy Duty Vertical Pumps

Heavy duty applications require strong solutions: In certain applications for which vertical pumps are used, thermal pipe expansions may occur. In other heavy duty situations the suction / discharge casing of the pump may be used as an assembly foundation. Especially for these kinds of applications, DP-Pumps has developed a vertical pump with a heavy duty pump casing: the DPVCF.  Stainless steel hydraulics combined with fixed DIN or ANSI flanges: 02


  • boiler feed
  • marine applications
  • industrial applications
  • other high temperature applications.

Motor Integrated Frequency Drive

Major energy savings, 100% constant pressure and optimum process-control. Using frequency converters to control the speed of inductionmotors has obvious advantages. Service friendly speed-controlled pumps and booster sets, a design speciality by DP-Pumps.


Vertical Pump

Excellence in stainless steel technology The most exceptional merit of the DPV series is that all wetted parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (DPV series) or stainless steel AISI 316 (DPVS series). For normal water the DPV series (stainless steel AISI 304) fulfills, for water containing more aggressive elements the DPVS series (stainless steel AISI 316) will be appropriate. The existing deep draw and welding technology has been significantly improved. Through this technology more durable and lighter stainless steel pump parts can be produced. The use of stainless steel for all wetted parts prevents corrosion.


Booster System

Through the use of standard modular assembly of the installation, it is expandable with all available options, to an installation, which is completely in agreement with the demands of the end-user:

  • according to process specifications for the industry
  • according to comfort specifications for the building industry.