Moyno Pumps


Moyno, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Moyno® progressing cavity pumps, sludge pumps, metering pumps, sanitary pumps, multiphase fluids transfer systems, grinders and controls. The company has an extensive worldwide stocking distribution network that serves a wide range of industries including water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, specialty chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, petrochemical, and oil and gas transfer.

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Moyno 2000 Pump

2000 series pumps set the standard in positive displacement pumping applications.
The proprietary gear-type universal joint design effectively handles radial and thrust loads for maximum performance and long life.

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Moyno 2000 HS System

The Moyno® 2000 HS System combines high pump efficiency with low discharge pressure to provide unmatched performance in high solids sludge cake transfer. Compared to hydraulically driven, piston ram type pumps and open conveyors, the Moyno 2000 HS System requires a much lower capital investment, lower operating costs and less maintenance.

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Moyno 1000 Pumps

Economical, high-efficiency Moyno 1000 pumps offer an unparalleled combination of features other positive displacement pumps cannot match.


Moyno sanitary pumps

Low-shear, non-pulsating Moyno Sanitary Pumps transfer shear-sensitive materials with a minimum of turbulence or stress.

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Moyno 500 Pumps

General purpose Moyno 500 pumps handle thousands of applications from clean, clear liquids to abrasive and corrosive fluids. There are over 70 Moyno 500 models available in a variety of materials of construction with many different options to allow customization to specific needs.


Moyno Anihilator Pumps

The new Moyno Series 4 Annihilator grinder now offers new features including optimized cutter combinations, one-piece flange housing and a quick change cutter cartridge. Annihilator grinders protect downstream equipment from being plugged or damaged from large solids, reducing expensive repairs.