PC Pump Replacement Parts


PC pump stators from Tarby are molded in long lengths, assuring dimensional consistency by reducing the potential for manufacturing process variations. CNC controlled stator end finishing ensures consistency in stator finish and elastomer dressing and the machined conic inlets in the ends of the stators provide fluid flow efficiency to meet low NPSH requirements. Tarby compounds its stator elastomers in-house and markets them under the DuraFlo Elastomers brand name. These specialized replacement stators include high temperature nitriles, 35-75 Durometer Natural Rubber and other materials that are not available from other PC parts sources. Rotors are manufactured to precise tolerances using the latest computer-controlled equipment. Each rotor receives twice the industry standard chrome plating thickness to withstand abrasive pumping conditions. Precision manufactured Tarby rotors meet all required tolerances and maintain original equipment fit and function to ensure the proper component interchange with many brands of PC pumps including: Moyno, Netzsch, Roper & Seepex.

Tarby provides complete refurbishing services including stator relining and rotor replating to return worn pumping elements to like-new condition.