Rotan Pumps


ROTAN pumps have been continuously manufactured and marketed throughout the world for more than 75 years. Although the operating principle is mature, new developments in materials and manufacturing technology continue to expand the range of applications. ROTAN'S unique, modular concept is widely recognized as the most advanced internal gear pump design available.

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Rotan GP

GP monobloc pumps are typically used for handling varies clean and mildly abrasive oils (waste oil pump). The simple and compact construction makes it a low cost pump, eliminating common coupling alignment issues. Commonly used in a modified versions by OEM customers. A close-coupled model is also available


Rotan CD

Chemical duty pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids. CD pumps are designed for handling corrosive liquids, primarily found in the chemical processing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Typical applications include pumping of organic acids, fatty acids, alkalis, caustic soda, polymer solutions, soap, shampoo, animal fat, vegetable fat, chocolate (CHD pumps), and other special fluids.


Rotan HD

Heavy duty pumps in cast iron, for a wide range of viscous, non-corrosive liquids. HD pumps are specifically designed for difficult applications and those involving high viscosity liquids. Typical applications include pumping oils, asphalts, chocolates, paints, lacquers, molasses, soaps, and other industrial viscous process fluids. HD pumps are known by their sturdy and simple construction.


Rotan MD

Magnetic Drive pumps are environmentally friendly pumps used for ultimate protection against leakage. MD pumps are designed to pump flammable, toxic or ground water polluting liquids, where no leakages can be risked. MD pumps are typically used for pumping isocyanates, solvents as phenol and xylene, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, benzene and other hazardous organic liquids including mildly abrasive paints and sweeteners. Their use is extended to applications where leakage would be costly, e.g. highly refined chemicals, or where long overhaul intervals are required, reducing maintenance labour costs and loss of process time.


Rotan PD

Petrochemical duty pumps in carbon steel, designed for refinery and petrochemical applications. PD pumps are designed for refinery and petrochemical applications, all pressure containing components are carbon steel. Typical applications include pumping fuel oils, gasoline, lube oils, greases, and other hydrocarbon-based fluids. PD pumps are available to meet most API 676 standards