SchroederPure Filters for the Process Industry


Schroeder process filters are used to remove contamination from process fluids and to protect the integrity of high grade components that depend on low-viscosity, water or water based lubricants.

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  • Self-Cleaning (or back-flush) filters are for low-viscosity fluids in critical applications where system operation cannot be interrupted, with ratings of 25 to 3,000 micron.
  • Inline filters can be used as the main source of protection or process cleaning and based on filter element selection, have ratings from 3 to 3000 micron.
  • Screen basket filters are used for pre-filtration and removal of coarse material within the process, with ratings of 3,000 to 10,000 micron.
  • Both inline and screen basket filters are available in simplex or duplex models. The duplex design allows continuous operation since one filter element may be isolated and serviced while the system is fully operational.