Stenner Pumps


Designed and Built for Reliable Performance
Stenner offers a complete line of chemical metering pumps with output ranges from 0.06 gallons per day (0.2 liters) to 170 gallons per day (514.8 liters), depending on the model and application. Models are available as fixed output units or with single and dual adjustable outputs.

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The Proportional Injection System 

Delivers precise dosing proportional to the system's flow rate based on water volume. The system is perfectly suited for constant pressure (variable speed) well pumps, poultry and livestock houses, irrigation, systems with demand based backup wells and any application with varying flow rates

The primary components are the Pump Control Module, Classic Series Fixed Output Pump and a dry contact pulsing Water Meter. The Pump Control Module is a time adjusted controller that powers the pump. A pulsing water meter sends a signal to the PCM which actuates the pump to deliver the desired dose based on water volume. The PCM has a locking dial to assure the accuracy of the dosage.

The system includes brackets to easily mount the panel to the wall for timely installations and equipment accessibility. Available in 120V, accommodates 3/4" or 1" piping


Wide Range of Features and Flexibility

One of the many benefits of Stenner's modular design is easy configuration to meet specific output requirements for a wide variety of applications. Interchangeable components provide our users with the flexibility that's required to handle jobs from small residential installations to large commercial projects. Our modular design allows easy field upgrades by adding a second head or larger feed tube to increase outputs. And of course our customer support is always available to help select the right model for your specific application.

Completely self-priming, can operate dry

  • Six interchangeable tube sizes for control of feeder output
  • Precision pumping of fluids up to 170 gallons per day (514.8 liters @ 50 Hz)
  • Will not clog from dirt and minor debris
  • Can pump against pressure of up to 100 PSI (maximum GPD 40) up to 6.9 bar (maximum LPD 121.1)
  • Check valves not required under 25 PSI (1.72 bar)
  • Reproducible within 2% of outputs
  • Tube lubrication is not required
  • Vertical or horizontal mount
  • Spill recovery feature included



Stenner T44 Series triple head pump system

The PERFECT FIT for triple-foaming car wash applications.

Self-priming at all settings up to 25 feet Will not clog from dirt or minor debris Can run dry without damage Simple to install and operate Up to 45 mls (1.5 oz) per head per minute @ 100 psi

Fully adjustable 5-100% to fine-tune injection rate

Quick serviceability without tools


Automatic Dosing Convenience

24-Hour and 7-Day Timer

Stenner has incorporated its renowned reliability in the BDF series for a variety of applications including dosing of enzymes in drain line maintenance programs and biocides in industrial cooling tower applications.