Tarby Pumps


With 25 years of experience, Tarby has established itself as the premier alternative source for progressing cavity pumps and parts in North America. Tarby offers a dedicated service staff and available delivery of replacement parts at distributors throughout North America, often at prices 20% lower than other manufacturers. This ensures that customers receive quality parts quickly to minimize downtime. Tarby PC pumps and pump replacement parts are designed and engineered to fit many brands of PC pumps. DuraFlo elastomers ensure stators achieve peak performance across specific application and environmental needs. Double chrome rotors are molded and manufactured to precise specifications in order to withstand abrasive pumping conditions.


Titan C22 Pumps

Tarby's new general purpose industrial pump, the Titan C22, is designed as a drop-in replacement with interchangeable parts for close-coupled pin joint drive configurations. The Titan C22 can easily handle fluids from thin, flowable liquids to highly viscous materials and solids in suspension, satisfying extensive application requirements across a broad range of industries. Flow Rates to 500 GPM Pressures to 175 PSI


Century III Series Pumps 

Tarby's general purpose Century III Series pumps are available in a wide range of models and flow rates. You can rely on the Century III Series pumps to deliver dependable performance in a broad range of applications. Flow Rates to 400 GPM Pressures to 760 PSI



Century V Series Pumps

The Century V Series pumps are rugged workhorses designed for heavy-duty service. They deliver reliable performance for all types of tough applications in a broad range of industries such as paper mills and wastewater treatment. Flow Rates to 750 GPM Pressures to 500 PSI


Century IV Series Pumps

The Century IV Series pumps feature an open throat design that is ideal for handling fluids with high solids content. Typical applications would include slurries, sludges and solids in suspension that would have difficulty transferring through standard flanged pump openings. Flow Rates to 100 GPM Pressures to 150 PSI


Century VI Series Pumps

The Century VI Series pumps feature 316 stainless steel construction and a quick disassembly design that allows for easy cleaning. The Century VI Series pumps meet FDA requirements for the food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and specialty chemicals industries. Flow Rates to 300 GPM Pressures to 300 PSI


PC Pump Replacement Parts 

PC pump stators from Tarby are molded in long lengths, assuring dimensional consistency by reducing the potential for manufacturing process variations. CNC controlled stator end finishing ensures consistency in stator finish and elastomer dressing and the machined conic inlets in the ends of the stators provide fluid flow efficiency to meet low NPSH requirements. Tarby compounds its stator elastomers in-house and markets them under the DuraFlo Elastomers brand name. These specialized replacement stators include high temperature nitriles, 35-75 Durometer Natural Rubber and other materials that are not available from other PC parts sources. Rotors are manufactured to precise tolerances using the latest computer-controlled equipment. Each rotor receives twice the industry standard chrome plating thickness to withstand abrasive pumping conditions. Precision manufactured Tarby rotors meet all required tolerances and maintain original equipment fit and function to ensure the proper component interchange with many brands of PC pumps. Tarby provides complete refurbishing services including stator relining and rotor replating to return worn pumping elements to like-new condition.